The registration of pleasure crafts and commercial cruising vessels in European ships registrar is what we call our core competence.

Together with our partners and network of specialists throughout the EU, Lorrendraaier is able to give an objective advice which flag state would suit specific needs best.

Registering in a certain country might seem very interesting at first, but what if that particular flag state plans on implementing changes within the next two years which do not fit the yacht owner? Is that then still a ships registrar to consider?

Is the prestige of the flag a matter of importance? Or is the cost effectiveness of maintaining the registration of greater value? Now and then renting-out the yacht, without wanting to apply for a full commercial licence, are there flag states that accept this?

Just some examples of factors that could influence the final choice.

None-EU passport?

Flag States

The European Union consists of 28 independent states, which means that 28 different flag states are available to register a yacht. Are all 28 ships registrar evenly interesting? No, most certainly not.

Lorrendraaier primarily works with the ships registrar of :

In the past we also registered in the United Kingdom, but because of the Brexit uncertainty, it is a ships registrar we do not recommend at the moment.

Not an
EU citizen?

None-EU passport holder may have difficulty registering their yacht in the EU, when their yacht is permanently moored in a European country.

Some ships registrars accept yachts owned by a None-EU passport holder, other flag states only accept registration of their own nationals.

In some cases, the registration is fairly straight forward, in other cases it requires that a company is registered under the name of the None-EU passport holder.

Here again, the individual requirements determine which flags states can be chosen from.