Registration in Belgium has always been popular due to the fact that it is a fairly straightforward registration process and is particularly attractive for vessels older than 10 years.

Since the beginning of 2019, the vessel has to be owned for at least 50% by a Belgian passport holders or residents of Belgium. Non-Belgian passport holders can no longer register their boat in the Belgian ships registrar, unless they own 50% or less of the vessel.

Pleasure Craft
Commercial Cruising Vessels

of Registry

The ships registrar in Belgium is administrated by the Belgian Federal Public Service of Transports, with offices in Antwerp, Brussels, Gent and Oostende. The Belgian Certificate of Registryis subject to renewal every five years and in case of Commercial Cruising Vessels, the vessel also has to be inspected every five years.

Pleasure Craft

Pleasure crafts are defined as vessels with a minimum length of 2,5 meters and a maximum of 24 meters and not being used for any commercial exploitation, such as charter purposes, transport of persons, goods or animals. The registration process for pleasure crafts can take between two to six weeks, depending on the season.

of Registry

Vessels used for commercial yachting purposes are considered yachts up to 500 GT with a maximum of 12 passengers. A distinction is made between vessels that navigate

  • less than 200 miles off the coast
  • more than 200 miles off the coast
  • less than 30 miles and <24m in length

Depending on the ‘required mileage’ one wants to sail, determines which regulations the officer in charge will need to meet. There are no specific requirement the working crew on the vessel has to meet.   Commercial Cruising Vessels are also subject to periodical inspections by the Belgium authorities and is valid for the period of 5 years.



  • ID Card / passport
  • Proof of residence, in case you are not a Belgian passport holder
  • Purchase contract
  • Certificate of Withdrawal
  • CE Declaration of boat
  • Photograph of the vessel
  • Power of attorney
  • Company deed (if vessel is registered to a company)

Process time

15 to 30 days

The advantages of

yacht registration in Belgium

Only Belgian passport holders or residents of Belgium can register in the Belgian ship registrar.
Surveys & inspections
No periodical technical inspections are required, if it is a pleasure craft without a commercial licence.
Navigation zones
There are no navigational restrictions
The process
The registration process takes any ware between 15 and 30 days.
Internationally recognised
The flag of Belgium is ranked Nr. 18 in the Paris MoU ‘White List’