The Belgian Shipping register is popular because of its easy registration process. Often it can be arranged within one month. An important condition for registration is that at least 50% of the ship is owned by a Belgian citizen or resident. If not, registration is impossible.

The vessel is at least 50% owned by a Belgian citizen or resident.
Basic documents must be written in Dutch, French, German or English, or a translation has to be added.
An inspection is only necessary in case of commercial registrations. Pleasure crafts, not commercially exploited, do not have to go through an inspection.
There are no specific requirements for pleasure crafts.
Taxes and levies
No, there is no need to appoint a local representative.
Provisional registration
Provisional registration occurs only in specific cases, which are not common.
Registration is valid for a period of 4 years.
The registration process is very efficient.
International ranking
Paris MoU White List no. 11