The Portuguese shipping registry has stringent technical requirements, such as an annual inspection. This makes it a less attractive shipping register for many. The Portuguese register is interesting for vessels that are fully commercially exploited, as very favourable tax facilities are offered.

Anyone, irrespective of nationality, can register a ship in Portugal.
All documentation must be translated into Portuguese by a sworn translator.
Inspections are carried out annually by accredited ``Recognized Organizations``.
There are certain safety measures that must be followed, and they are checked annually.
Taxes and levies
A levy must be paid on a yearly basis. The amount of that levy depends on the type of vessel and how it is used.
There are circumstances in which a local representative is required.
Provisional registration
A provisional certificate will only be issued upon request.
The registration of the vessel does not expire.
The length of the registration process depends very much on the authority where the application is submitted. Some offices operate more efficiently than others. In general, the registration process for the vessel takes place in approximately 30 days.
International ranking
Paris MoU White List no. 22