The Swiss ships registrar is one of those registrars on European continent that only accepts vessels that are owned by their own nationals or companies operating within its borders.

Every three years the registration has to be renewed.

The registrar

Sea going yachts
Basel is the homeport

The Swiss ships register is unique in a number of ways and does have some particular requirements that have to be met.


First of all, a distinction is made between vessel shorter and longer than 6m. Vessels up to 6m are registered in the canton (district) were the owner of the boat resides. Vessels longer than 6m or seaworthy vessels, are registered in the central ships registrar.


What makes the Swiss ships registrar really unique, as far as we are aware, is that there is no choice of the homeport. Sea going vessels and boats longer than 6m are appointed Basel as the homeport.


Furthermore, the owner has certain declarations to submit which coincide with the neutral position of the country.


  • Swiss passport or prof of Swiss residence
  • Swiss sailing licence (B-Certificate) or an international equivalent
  • Purchase contract
  • Certificate of Withdrawal
  • Declaration that the vessel has not been registered in any other flag state
  • Declaration that the vessel meets all technical requirements
  • Insurance policy, including a liability insurance
  • Survey report


Process time

Varies, depending on the type of vessel registered

The advantages of

yacht registration in Switzerland

Swiss nationals and Swiss nationals only.
Taxes & levies
No taxes or levies are issued during or after the registration process, no matter the size or age of the vessel
Surveys & inspections
Yachts longer than 6m and sea going vessels will have to undergo a survey when applying for registration and restrictive safety requirements are to be met.
Navigation zones
There are no navigational restrictions
The process
The registration process is relatively short, depending on the type of boat being registered.
Internationally recognised
The flag of Poland is ranked Nr. 52 in the Paris MoU ‘White List’