Delete the yacht registration: remove the boat from the ships register

Every pleasure craft is registered in a national shipping register. Do you want to register the vessel in another flag state? Or has it sunk or been scrapped? Then it must be deregistered from the shipping register. This can be a complicated and time-consuming process – but not if you call in Lorrendraaier. We have the know-how and contacts to make the deregistration process quick and easy.


As a pleasure craft owner, correct documentation is indispensable. From registration with a flag state to the application for a ship station licence, everything must be carefully recorded. This also applies for the deregistration of a boat: the so-called withdrawal or cancelation from the register.


Lorrendraaier has many years of experience and thorough knowledge of deregistration procedures of many different flag states. A strong point, because these procedures are sometimes very complex. We know exactly which documentation is required per flag state and how to make the process run as efficiently as possible. Thanks to our international network, we can realise withdrawals quickly, while it might otherwise take you months.

Reasons for cancellation of registration

The most common reasons for removing a vessel from the shipping register are:

  • The vessel has been lost, has sunk or is being scrapped
  • The vessel is exported or sold
  • Vessel is registered in another flag state

The documents required for deregistration depend on the flag state concerned and the reason for de-registration. It can be difficult to find out for yourself what is required and to assess whether the documents are correct and complete. Do you want to be assured of a successful and efficient process? Then let Lorrendraaier arrange all.

New yacht registration after de-registration

If a ship is no longer worthy of sailing or has been sold, you are done after the deletion. If the ship is deregistered in order to registered in an other flag state, Lorrendraaier can also arrange this for you.


We specialise in the registration of pleasure crafts and the registration of commercial vessels. This allows us to carry out the de-registration and re-registration in one streamlined process. This saves time. You only have to provide the necessary documents once, and we will take care of the rest.

Withdrawal of pleasure crafts: swiftly organised through Lorrendraaier

Lorrendraaier advises and supports business parties who want to offer their customers maximum service and convenience. Vessel owners sometimes misjudge the complexity of shipping registers and related procedures. We make it easy. With 100% objective advice, a strong international network and an extremely service-oriented approach.

More information about yacht cancellation from a ships register?

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