In Denmark a distinction is made between pleasure crafts with a gross tonnage of more or less than 20 tons. It is mandatory to register pleasure crafts over 20 tons in the Danish ships registrar.

The Danish ships registrar is one of the few that asks for historical documentation of the previous owner(s) of a yacht.

less than 20 tons
more than 20 tons

Cost effective

Yachts less than a gross tonnage of 20 tons have two options when navigating outside the territorial waters of Denmark.


    1. They can apply for a Certificate of Nationality through a private yachtsman organisation, such as, for example, the Royal Danish Yacht Club or Danish Ocean Cruising Association
    2. Download, print and keep on-board the declaration as issued by the Danish Maritime Authority

Mind you these options just give the yacht her nationality and is not considered proof of ownership, like a Certificate of Registry.

of Registry

Yachts are only accepted in the Danish ships registrar if 50% or more of the vessel is owned by a Danish citizen or passport holder.

Vessels over 20 gross tons are obliged to register in the Danish ships registrar. The requirements to registers a yacht are, compared to other flag states, not to be underestimated.

The documentation requirements can be quite demanding as in some cases one may be asked to submit documents of all previous owners of the boat.

To maintain the Certificate of Registry, and annual fee is charged that varies between €40 and €335, depending on the gross tonnage of the vessel. Historical ships, declared worthy of preservation by the Danish Ships Preservation Trust, are exempted from such fees.



  • Tonnage Certificate
  • Document of title, in some cases underlying documents are to be notarised
  • Certificate of Withdrawal or Certificate of Non-Registration
  • Documentation of previous owners.


Process time

ca. 15 to 30 days

The advantages of

yacht registration in Denmark

Only Danish passport holders or residents of Denmark can register in the Danish ship registrar.
Navigation zones
There are no navigational restrictions
The process
The registration process takes between 15 to 30 days.
Internationally recognised
The flag of Denmark is ranked Nr. 5 in the Paris MoU ‘White List’