Retrieve yacht ownership information

It is not always clear who the official owner of a yacht is. This can happen, for example, if the registration is incorrect or if the vessel is registered under a company’s name. Additionally, there are instances where the owner’s identity is known, but locating them proves to be a challenge.

Are you looking for information about the ownership of a yacht? Or help finding and contacting the owner? Lorrendraaier is here to assist you.


You may require yacht ownership information. For instance, as a result of a registration error, the resolution of a claim, or unpaid bills.


Finding ownership information may not be simple, particularly when post-sale registration mistakes make tracking down the former owner impossible. Determining the natural person behind the ownership becomes more difficult when pleasure crafts are registered under a business.


Lorrendraaier is an expert at navigating global maritime registers and registrations. As a result, we have many possibilities to trace ownership quickly and discreetly.

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What information is required to identify ownership?

The more information you can provide, the easier it will be to locate the owner. But frequently, surprisingly little information is all we need to establish ownership. Data such as the boat’s registration number, CIN/HIN number, name of the boat or type of yacht can all provide sufficient clues to determine the ownership.

Retrieve yacht ownership information: Lorrendraaier is here to assist

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More information about retrieving ownership information of a yacht?

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