Yacht registration in Monaco is exclusively available for Monaco’s own citizens and residents. An annual levy must be paid, but there are no inspections – except a one-time classification certificate for vessels that are longer than 24 metres. Registrations in Monaco can be quite attractive from a fiscal perspective.

Only Monegasques and those living in Monaco may register a vessel in Monaco.
All documents must be in French, or they must be accompanied by a certified French translation.
An inspection is not part of the registration process.
There are no specific safety requirements that must be fulfilled.
Taxes and levies
Taxes are imposed each calendar year. How much depends on the size of the boat.
No, there is no need for local representation. However, the owner of the vessel should have a correspondence address in Monaco.
Provisional registration
A provisional certificate is not issued
The registration does not expire.
The vessel registration process is organised efficiently and takes approximately 30 to 60 days.
International ranking
Paris MoU List – no ranking