Who can register their yacht in Monaco is pretty simple. Monegasque nationals and residents only. Once registered, the yacht is subject to an annual levy.

To be noted that being registered in Monaco and paying the annual levy is no guarantee that you will get the mooring spot of your dreams.


Less than 24m or
up to 7,5m

A distinction is made between boats <5m, <7,5m and less than 24m with regard to documentation needed to compile with the registration conditions.

Big difference with yachts over 24m is that the vessel is not required to be classified. A CE Declaration of Conformity is enough, besides the standard requirements.

Proof all tax obligations have been met, is an absolute requirement for vessels over 7,5m.

Yachts, mega yachts
and floating palaces

What distinguishes yachts over 24m from those less than 24m, is the fact that the vessel has to be classified. Classification does not have to be maintained, once registered, but on entry it is a requirement.


An employed captain must hold a European issued certificate of competence which meets the STWC Convention standards. To be noted that despite that the RYA Yacht Master meets this standard, it is not accepted in Monaco.


Depending on the measurements of the yacht, the documentation requirements are roughly as follows :

  • Purchase contract/invoice
  • VAT Declaration or other form of proof of payment
  • Builders certificate
  • CE Declaration of Conformity / Classification Certificate (*)
  • Engine certificate
  • Operating certificates/licences
  • ID card/passport and residence permit (for non- Monegasque nationals)



(*) There are a limited number of Classification Societies which are recognised to issue such a Classification Certificate.

The advantages of

yacht registration in Monaco

Anybody can register, as long as they are Monegasque nationals or reside within the Kingdom and are in procession of a residence permit.
Taxes & levies
There are annual levies to be paid, which does not give any guarantees with regard to preferred mooring locations, but it might possible give an advantage over non-Monegasque registered vessel whishing to moor their vessel.
Surveys & inspections
Apart from the Classification Certificate on entry for vessels >24, there are no annual surveys, inspections or other such formalities that have to be met
Navigation zones
There are no navigational restrictions, depending on the type of regisitartion.