ISO 9001 Policy statement

The policy of Lorrendraaier is based upon standing out in customer satisfaction and quality. The implementation and certification of the management system in accordance with ISO 9001 contributes to:

  1. Maintaining and continuously improving the management system. The permanent, structured focus on growth and improvement contributes to the policy of Lorrendraaier.
  2. Comprehending and surpassing the customer’s expectations to make a good impression at any time.
  3. Monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction.
  4. Determining preventive and corrective measures while performing the activities so as to lead to continuous improvement.
  5. Drawing up the annual quality targets to systematically and structurally allow continuous improvement on an annual basis. The targets need to fully align with this policy.
  6. Monitoring the system’s and organisation’s progress by means of management reviews, internal and external audits.
  7. Maintaining a good relationship with European Union based agents so as to gradually expand the sales area.
  8. Maintaining a good relationship with the final customer so as to keep track of the user’s expectations and requirements.
  9. Work according to Dutch laws and regulations.