Yacht registration in the Netherlands, comes in a number of different forms, depending on the type of boat you wish to have registered and for which purpose the vessel will be used.

There are two types of registrations possible.

Ships Registrar

of Registry

The ships registrar in the Netherlands is administrated by Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency. This agency collects and registers administrative and spatial data on property and the rights involved. Once the process of registration with the Netherlands’ Cadastre has been initiated, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, a department of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, issues the Certificate of Registry and Tonnage Certificate.


Pleasure Craft

A number of factors determine how long it takes before the registration is formally finalised. An average pleasure craft of <24m will take about two to four weeks to finalise the registration. This registration can take several weeks before formalised as an inspector of the registrar will physically measure the vessel, brand it and/or apply microdots for identification purposes in case the vessels gets stolen. In practice that means that the inspector travels from the Netherlands to the location of the boat and conducts the very basic inspection.


Commercial Cruising Vessels

Sailing- and motorboats which are used for commercial purposes with crew, go through a different procedure then boats used purely for leisure purposes. Commercial Cruising Vessels require classification, by one of the internationally recognised classification societies, and depending on the number of staff members and guests the boat can accommodate additional requirements are asked to be met. Mind you that certain Commercial Cruising Vessels do not need to be classified, but that is determined by a number of factors.

International Certificate
Pleasure Crafts

The ICP is an unofficial ownerships licence which is primarily used for pleasure crafts sailing the inland waters of the EU. Pleasure crafts that can register for an ICP are sailing- and motorboats <24m and water-scooter, jet-skis, canoes, boathouses, etc. Note that :

  • as from 1 March 2021, only Dutch passport holders or foreigners residing in the Netherlands for at least five years, can register an ICP
  • the ICP is purely an ownerships licence and does not permit the owner to sail under the flag of the Netherlands. The average duration of an registration is 5 to 10 working days and the costs are relatively low
  • ICP are only recognised in : Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, United Kingdom.



  • Copy of ID Card / passport, verified by a public notary
  • Purchase contract
  • Proof of payment
  • Certificate of withdrawal
  • Power of attorney

Process time

30 days

The advantages of

yacht registration in the Netherlands

The advantages of yacht registration in the Netherlands EFTA and non-EU passport holders can register in the Netherlands ship registrar.

Constructions are possible that none-EFTA and none-EU passport holders can also register their yacht in the Netherlands.

Taxes & levies
No taxes or levies are issued during or after the registration process, no matter the size or age of the vessel
Surveys & inspections
No periodical technical inspections arerequired, if and when your yacht is <24m and is no commercial registration.
Navigation zones
There are no navigational restrictions
Under certain circumstances it is permitted to commercial exploit the vessel for charter purposes, without having to maintain classification
The process
The registration process is fairly short and takes between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the location of the yacht.
Internationally recognised
The flag of the Netherlands is ranked Nr. 4 in the Paris MoU ‘White List’