The French shipping register is divided into a number of categories: commercial, pleasure crafts, and water-skis/water scooters. The register is very attractive for small pleasure crafts with a power of less than 200 HP, as they are exempt from taxes. Everyone within the EU and EEA is eligible for a French yacht registration.

EU and EEA passport holders and French residents with a permanent residence permit can register a vessel.
Documents must be drawn up in French or a translation must be added
Vessels do not have to undergo an inspection as part of the registration process.
In France, as in many other flag states, there is an advice on safe and responsible navigation. However, this is not a requirement.
Taxes and levies
Depending on the vessel, there are annual taxes that must be paid.
A local French correspondence address is required. In case this is not available, the correspondence address of Lorrendraaier in France can be used.
Provisional registration
A provisional certificate is not issued.
The registration is valid for a period of 10 years, for vessels <24m.
The registration process of the vessel takes approximately 30 days
International ranking
Paris MoU White List no. 17