Italy is one of the few European ships registers which accepts registrations of non-EU passport holders and residents. This makes it possible for everyone to register. Consequently, this is an attractive register for owners who do not live in the EU but wish to register their vessel here.

Anyone can register their ship in Italy, irrespective of their nationality.
Documentation should be in Italian or translated into Italian.
Once every 4 years, the Recognised Organisation RINA carries out a mandatory inspection, and every 2 years, it is checked whether certain equipment is on board.
The vessel must meet a number of technical requirements, which are also monitored periodically.
Taxes and levies
Private persons who buy a ship which is not subject to VAT pay a registration fee. The amount of such a levy ranges from €71 to €5055, and is determined by the length of the vessel.
No, you are not required to designate a local representative if you are not a resident of Italy.
Provisional registration
A provisional certificate will only be issued in case a person is also taxable in Italy.
The registration has an unlimited validity.
In general, the registration process of a pleasure craft takes approximately one month.
International ranking
Paris MoU White List no. 10