The Spanish ship’s register is not the most attractive one. The tax regime in Spain is extremely complex, and vessel registrations are no exception. There are annual registration costs, and the country uses a variety of navigation zones. However, registration can be interesting for Spanish residents or for some types of ships.

EU- and EEA passport holders and Spanish residents are eligible to register their vessel in Spain.
All documents must be drawn up in Spanish or Catalan, or they should be accompanied by a sworn translation.
An inspection must be carried out every 3 years.
Strict safety requirements apply, among which mandatory safety equipment. The requirements depend on the sailing zone (the number of nautical miles of the coast) in which you sail.
Taxes and levies
Annual levies are imposed. How much depends on the type of ship.
No, a local representative does not have to be appointed.
Provisional registration
A provisional certificate is not issued
The registration has an unlimited validity.
The registration process usually takes approximately one to two months, depending on the port office where the application is submitted.
International ranking
Paris MoU White List – no. 39