Deregistering Work Boats

Removing, or deregistering a work boat is required when you want to register your merchant vessel in another flag state or if it has been sunk or scrapped. However, navigating this deregistration process can be complex and time-consuming. But Lorrendraaier is here to assist. With our extensive know-how and wide-ranging contacts, we can make the de-registration process quick and easy.


Lorrendraaier has years of experience and thorough knowledge of the withdrawal procedures in various flag states. This advantage proves to be invaluable, considering the complexity of these processes, at times. We know how to ensure a quick and easy de-registration process and are familiar with the particular documentation requirements for each flag state. We can quickly handle deregistration’s that might otherwise take months to complete.

Case Study

Withdrawal of merchant vessels: swiftly organised through Lorrendraaier

Is your vessel no longer worthy of sailing and ready for the scrapyard? In that case, she will have to be removed it from the register, and you are done. If you want to withdraw in order to register her in another flag state, there could possibly be more steps to take, depending on the flag state.


Our goal is to save you time and guard you from any hassle. Since we specialise in registering and de-registering work boats, such as tugboats, dredgers and other types of work boats, we know how to navigate this process efficiently and effectively. The only thing you have to do is to provide us with the required documents and we take care of all the rest.