The Polish ships registrar is one of the friendliest registrars with regard to documentation requirements. Their requirements are simple and straightforward.

Which makes it attractive for boats between 5 and 24 meters.

The registrar
Boat name

EU passport holders
are more than welcome

The Polish ships registrar is a well organised and managed registrar that is open to all EU-passport holders and companies registered in the European Union.


Registered vessels get the Polish nationality and sail under the Polish flag and are not subject to any form of taxation or periodical extensions.


The average time to process the registration is 30 days, depending on the season when the application is submitted.

Five names
to choose from

The Polish ships register only accepts unique names. Before the vessel is registered, the administrators research whether a preferred name is not already registered or not. If not, the preferred name is accepted and the boat is registered under that name.


If the name is taken they will investigate the availability of the next preferred name. In total one can submit five boat names in total and the administrators will go down the list in order of preference.



  • ID Card / passport verified by a public notary
  • Copy of the purchase contract of the boat and engines, verified by a public notary (original)
  • Certificate of withdrawal
  • Power of attorney


  • CE Declaration or any other document that confirms ship’s length, beam and other specifications
  • Company deed (if vessel is registered to a company)

Process time

30 days

The advantages of

yacht registration in Poland

All EU and EFTA nationals with an EU or EFTA issued passport can register their boat in the Polish ships registrar. This also applies for boats owned by a company registered in the EU or EFTA.
Taxes & levies
No taxes or levies are issued during or after the registration process, no matter the size or age of the vessel
Surveys & inspections
No periodical technical inspections arerequired, if and when your yacht is <24m and is no commercial registration.
Navigation zones
There are no navigational restrictions
The process
The registration process is relatively short and takes about 30 days, depending on the season.
Internationally recognised
The flag of Poland is ranked Nr. 44 in the Paris MoU ‘White List’