The Polish shipping register is very accessible, also for vessels that are used for charter purposes. Everyone can register a vessel, and vessels up to 24 metres do not require inspection. Furthermore, registration is rapid: often within 30 days.

People of any nationality can register a vessel in Poland.
All documents must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator, with the exception of the CE Declaration of Conformity.
<15m yachts : No survey or safety inspection required, unless the vessel has been imported from outside the EU and not been previously registered in the EU

>15m yachts : If the CE Declaration is not older than 10 years, then no survey is required. The safety inspection is a requirement and has to be repeated every 5 years.

There are no special security requirements that must be complied with.
Taxes and levies
No taxes or levies are imposed on the ownership of a pleasure craft.
Yacht owners do not have to appoint a representative, nor do they need a correspondence address.
Provisional registration
The provisional certificate, which expires after 30 days, shall be issued within 2-5 days of the application for registration.
There is no expiration date of the registration.
On average, the vessel registration process takes about three to four weeks, however, this depends on the period of the year in which the vessel is registered.
International ranking
Paris MoU White List no. 38