Although it lacks coastline, San Marino has its own ship’s register. It is not part of the EU, but it is in Europe, which could be an interesting consideration. Furthermore, registration is exceptionally rapid and rates are favourable. Especially for charter companies in the Mediterranean area, this shipping register is an attractive option.

The shipping registry of San Marino is open to people of all nationalities.
All documentation must be written in Italian or English, or should be accompanied by a sworn translation.
With the exception of self-inspection, there are no requirements for 3rd party inspections.
There are no specific requirements relating to safety that must be fulfilled.
Taxes and levies
No taxes are imposed for owning a vessel.
Registration requires the appointment of a local representative.
Provisional registration
As a standard, a provisional certificate is issued, which is valid for 3 months. Thereafter, the final certificate is issued by the ship’s registry.
The registration of the vessel is valid for 5 years, after which it should be renewed.
The registry has been set up extremely efficiently. In general, a vessel can be registered within 48 hours, if so required.
International ranking
Paris MoU White List – not included. The San Marino shipping register is only two years old.