Boat and yacht registrations for companies and individuals

Lorrendraaier specialises in the registration of pleasure craft and commercial (charter) boats. We do this mainly for the professional market: yacht brokers, shipyards and specialised lawyers. We advise on the most suitable flag state and take care of the complete yacht registration.


Do you want to register a yacht? Then there are many flag states to choose from. These are not all the same: each flag state has their own particular registration requirements. What is an attractive ships register for one vessel may be an unwise choice for another.


Lorrendraaier advises on the most suitable registration options for pleasure yachts. We take into consideration the requirements of the ships register, desired sailing area, possible commercial use and all other factors that may play a role. Based on the requirements and wishes, we make a pre-selection of the most suitable flag states. After the final selection Lorrendraaier arranges the complete registration so you have nothing to worry about.

In which flag states is registration possible?

We mainly, but not only, register with European flag states. These are well regarded internationally.

Always the best choice in yacht registrations

The world of ship registers is complex. Lorrendraaier helps you to navigate it. We give reliable and objective advice on which flags are the best options. Of course we take into account all practical matters, such as nationality, budget and dimensions of the vessel. But we also look further. To regulatory changes, for example, which may affect the use of the vessel. Or political conflicts that may play a role. Or perhaps there is a desire to charter the vessel, without commercial registration?

In short: Lorrendraaier thinks of everything for every registration.


Expert, committed and reliable

Lorrendraaier is an international partner of professionals and private individuals, for advice and the arrangement of yacht registrations. Our customers are very loyal, and there is a reason for that. The loyalty is mutual. We value integrity and will not shy away from a challenge. Are you looking for 100% objective and sound advice about registering a pleasure craft? Then we are ready to help you.


Transparency and expertise are our core values. You can count on advice that excels in completeness. Moreover, we can always be reached quickly and are aware of what is going on. Short lines, that is what we are about.

More information about yacht registrations?

Want to know more or get started right away? You can always call or e-mail. Each application and registration is handled personally by Boudewijn.