Provisional registration of Work Boats

Provisional registration is a valuable option for owners and operators of work boats, such as tugboats, supply vessels, patrol boats and the likes, seeking temporary registration. Provisional registration is often utilised by shipyards and brokers for deliveries, providing owners the flexibility of determining the final flag state of choice.

Short-Term Flag State Affiliation for Work Boats

Provisional registration for merchant ships is a common way of registering a vessel for a short period, especially for one-way delivery voyages or in extraordinary circumstances when the standard registration process encounters significant delays. This temporary registration can be acquired within 24 hours and extended if voyages are delayed due to unforeseen weather conditions.

Limitations of Provisional Registration

It’s important to note that a work boat, in principle, cannot be registered elsewhere during the provisional registration period. To adhere to international maritime law, a vessel cannot be simultaneously listed in the ship’s registrar of two different flag states, as this would render the vessel stateless.

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Compliance with International Guidelines

A provisional registration, despite its temporary character, does not exempt the vessel from compliance requirements of the SOLAS, MARPOL, and STCW directives, adhering to all international guidelines on safe shipping practices.

The validity of a provisional registration for work boats

The provisional registration typically lasts for 1, 2, 3, or 6 months, depending on the flag state. This timeframe allows owners ample time to sail the work boat towards their intended destination. The temporary registration can be extended to accommodate delays caused by oceanic crossings or unfavourable weather conditions.

Provisional registration within 24 hours

For work boats, especially those under 24 meters long, provisional registration offers a convenient solution for smooth vessel relocation from point A to B. The process can be completed within 24 hours, and in some cases, even within a few hours, provided all necessary documents are made available. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the requirements vary based on the vessel’s type and the regulations of the designated flag state.