There are many sound, professional and creative initiatives in development to clean-up our oceans in an attempt to get rid of plastic waste we thoughtlessly ditch in our waterways.

As we are all to blame for the careless usage of plastics, we at Lorrendraaier take our responsibility and will be supporting The Great Bubble Barrier project for the duration of a year. For every registration of a Certificate of Registry, a percentage of the registration-fee will be donated directly to The Great Bubble Barrier.

What is The Great Bubble Barrier?

The Great Bubble Barrier is a simple, yet ingenious method that gathers plastic waste in waterways before it reaches the open ocean.
  1. A tube with holes is positioned at the bottom of a canal, river or channel
  2. Air is pumped through the tube, thus creating a curtain of bubbles, from the bottom up all the way to the surface of the water
  3. Through the force of the bubbles plastics are steered to the water surface
  4. Would the tubes be placed diagonally; waste can be directed into a funnel or the banks of a river
It is probably one of the few, if not only system which does hinder water traffic and more importantly is 100% friendly for aquatic animals and fish.     In a nutshell, the benefits of the Great Bubble Barrier are:
  • Smart usage of the natural current of water in rivers, channels and canals
  • Guides plastic to the side of rivers and canals or into a funnel
  • Hinders plastic from finding its way to the ocean
  • Is based on existing technology
  • As a concept, highly innovative
  • Quality of the water is improved as the oxygen in the water is increased
  • No requirement for infrastructural or policy changes
  • Is easy scalable

Tested thoroughly……….and it works!

In collaboration with :
  • Rijkswaterstaat, who is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands
  • Deltares, an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface with five areas of expertise
  • BAM / van den Herik combination that upkeeps bridges, locks, channel, green, cribs, banks and dams of the Twente canals and IJsseldelta
the Great Bubble Barrier concept was extensively tested and proved successful. The following test was to assess the performance under more extreme weather condition and particularly the effects of wind and current were monitored and analysed. This one also gave valuable insights and ended successfully after three weeks.   The Great Bubble Barrier >>