As from this week Lorrendraaier has become top supplier of HISWA-RECRON, the trade association for the recreational industry in general and specifically for the watersport trade in the Netherlands.


Members of HISWA-RECRON are not only ship yards, yacht brokers and marinas, but also services providers like specialised insurance brokers, lawyers, accountants, marketing bureaus, etc. Applying for membership is not just a question of filling-in a questionnaire and paying an entrance- and/or annual-fee. No, applicants are screened, reference are interviewed and finally you have to get approved by all members of the HISWA-RECRON.


HISWA-RECRON represents over 2400 watersport and recreational companies. As they are the largest trade association of its kind in the Netherlands, HISWA-RECRON is also the only one in the watersport sector that has their own independent disputes committee that includes representatives from consumer organisations.


The Netherlands being one of the leaders in the watersport industry, has also led to the development of consumer-friendly general conditions for yacht brokers. The mandatory use of these conditions by HISWA-certified yacht brokers when composing a contract for the consumer, is the ultimate sign of consumer-friendliness, as stated by HISWA-RECRON.


An interesting initiative is also the Hiswa Orange Yachting Group, which is a selection of Dutch ship yards who present a comprehensive overview of yachts they have on offer, varying from motor yachts, sailing yachts to launches.


Finally HISWA-RECRON is known by the general public and professionals for the major watersport exhibition here in the Netherlands, named HISWA te Water. Regretfully, but understandably, the shows were cancelled both in 2020 as well as in 2021.