The oil barons of the (non) OPEC states are not ashamed to increase barrel prices. 20ft and 40ft container prices have skyrocketed. Energy consumption will also come at a price this winter and finally the inflation rates are restless


Luckily there are still signs of hope to be found amongst all the gloomy forecasts. Not that it will change the world, but the Dutch ships registrar announced on 25 November 2019, that their prices will be reduced with 5% in 2022. This however does not mean that the overall costs of registration will be 5% lower.


Besides the ships registrar, and agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterways, is involved in the registration process. They issue, amongst others, the Declaration of Nationality, Tonnage Certificate and the actual Certificate of Registry.


Now we have to sit tight and see what their pricing will look like in 2022 in order to make a final conclusion what the overall price reduction will be.