The last few months both Italian yacht owners with an ICP, as well as other EU nationals with an International Certificate for Pleasure crafts were undergoing discomfort in Italy, to put it mildly.

In short the Guardia di Finanza intensified the inspection of vessel registered under an ICP. In some cases yacht owners were fined, because they were commercially exploiting the vessel, which is not permitted. In other cases yachts were confiscated by Guardia di Finanza until the owner registered the vessel in an official ships registrar.

Very recently the Watersportverbond, who issues the ICP, announced that they received word from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in which they confirm that Italy no longer accepts ICP’s as proof of ownership.

This means that ICP holders with an Italian homeport are strongly advised to register their vessel either in the Italian ships registrar or in another official (European) ships registrar. Non-Italians visiting the country, are also advised to register else ware, as the Guardia di Finanza does not discriminate and will confiscate the vessel…..without blinking!

Is Italy in their right not to accept the ICP? Most definitely, as Italy has not signed the agreement in which ICP are considered unofficial title deed, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the United Kingdom have. Mind you there are numerous countries that have not signed the agreement but which do accept the ICP.

Portugal and Italy are the only two European nations who have formally stated not to accept ICP any longer.