The International Certificate Pleasure Craft (ICP), is basically an unofficial licence which only proves the ownership of a yacht….nothing more, nothing less.

The ICP does NOT give the vessel a nationality, neither are you permitted to sail under the Netherlands flag. It is an ownership licence which strictly speaking is only meant for sailing the inland waters of the EU.

For who?

Type of boats

The ICP is an unofficial ownerships licence which is primarily used for pleasure crafts sailing the inland waters of the EU. The pleasure crafts that can register for an ICP are sailing- and motorboats <24m and water-scooter, jet-skis, canoes, boathouses, etc.

To be noted that the ICP is purely an ownerships licence and it explicitly does not permit the owner to sail under the flag of the Netherlands. The average duration of an registration is 5 to 10 working days and the costs are relatively low.


Particularly interesting for :

  • EU passport holder
  • EU citizens, with none-EU passport, as long as they have a permanent residence permit for an EU state
  • EFTA passport holders
  • Companies registered within the EU, regardless of nationality of the company owner

Who can
register an ICP?

The ICP is one of the view ownership licences issued in the EU that is open for a relatively broad group of nationalities.

Both private individuals, as well as companies that own a vessel, can apply for an ICP.

Those that can apply for an ICP are :


Particularly interesting for :

  • When a vessel, of age, has not been registered else ware and a Certificate of Withdrawal is required in order to register for a Certificate of Registry. One can apply for an ICP registration and Certificate of Withdrawal at the same time.
  • For ships brokers who temporarily need an ownership document for a vessel, until the new owner has decided under which flag they want to sail
  • For vessels which only sail in inland waters, such as rivers and large lakes like Lago di Garda or Balaton.
The advantages of the

International Certificate Pleasure Craft

The advantages of ICP is that besides EU citizens, EFTA and none-EU passport holders can also register and ICP.
Taxes & levies
No taxes or levies are issued during or after the registration process, no matter the size or age of the vessel
Surveys & inspections
No periodical technical inspections arerequired, if and when your yacht is <24m and is no commercial registration.
The process
The registration process is fairly short and takes between 5 to 10 working days, depending on whether it is a normal or express registration.
Internationally recognised
The ICP is recognised internationally but is only meant for the inland waters of the EU.