Why the name Lorrendraaier?

When establishing the company Lorrendraaier,  it took quite a while before the actual company name was decided on.

We knew we did not want anything in the line of Dutch flag registration services, yacht registration, etc. No, a name with some history, a story, something that will cling to ones mind and maybe even be difficult for none Dutch natives to pronounce.

The history aficionados amongst us probably know that the VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie), referred to by the British as the Dutch East India Company, was established as the very first chartered company ever in 1602, when the Dutch government granted the VOC a 21-year monopoly on Dutch spice trade.

Entrepreneurship being one of the key characteristics of the Dutch throughout the ages, you can imagine that there were entrepreneurs who thought very little of the monopoly position of the VOC and started trading outside of the boundaries imposed by the VOC. These entrepreneurs thought out of the box and were not afraid to compete with an establishment like the VOC.

It were these entrepreneurs that were called “Lorrendraaiers”.

Although widely claimed on the intenet, they were no pirates and did not trade in slaves. The slave trade was too complicated. No, with their relatively small boats they limited themselves to commodities such spices, gold and ivory.

Why the name “Lorrendraaier”? Well because we believe in free trade, despise cartel forming and like to do things a bit different from the mainstream.