Retrieve yacht ownership information

It is not always clear who the official owner of a yacht is. This can happen if, for example, the registration is incorrect or if the vessel is registered in the name of a company. Sometimes the identity is known, but the owner cannot be located. Do you need information about the ownership of a yacht? Or help finding and contacting the owner? Lorrendraaier is at your service.


It may happen that you need ownership information of a yacht. For example, because of a registration error, a claim settlement or unpaid bills. In the case of international shipping routes, political sensitivities may also come into play.


This information is sometimes not easy to obtain. If, for example, the ownership is not correctly registered after a sale, it can be very difficult to find the old owner. And if the pleasure craft is registered in the name of a company, it is not always easy to determine which natural person is behind it. Lorrendraaier is a specialist in navigating the international maritime registrations and registers. We can retrieve the ownership information of most yachts, even with complex corporate constructions.

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What information is required to identify ownership?

The more information you can provide, the easier the search will be. But often we can find out a lot with surprisingly little information. Data such as the boat’s registration number, CIN/HIN number, name of the boat or type of yacht can all provide sufficient clues to determine the ownership.


Lorrendraaier specialises in yacht registrations. We know our way around international registers and maritime organisations. As a result, we have many possibilities to trace ownership quickly and discreetly.

Retrieve yacht ownership information: Lorrendraaier is here to service you

Lorrendraaier stands for maximum service and advice on yacht registrations, withdrawals, ship station licence and more. With a wealth of experience and expert knowledge of the maritime sector, we assist business and private customers in such a way that they can focus on the purchase, sales  and/or usage of vessels without any worries.

More information about retrieving ownership information of a yacht?

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