Our office in the Netherlands does not claim to have all know-how in-house on laws and regulations of other member states in the European Union.

It is for that reason that Lorrendraaier has a closely knit network of professionals we work together with.

Our partners are up to date with the national laws and regulations of the country they operate in, and therefore far better equipped to give a sound advice on national legislation which might affect boat owners.

Besides the network of professional we have a close cooperation with a select group of companies, being:



The proprietor of OLTRE12 is the seasoned maritime professional Daniele Agate. The sometimes complex processes and procedures of registering or withdrawing a yacht from the Italian ships registrar is one he masters, like a seasoned skipper does the seas.

The clientele of OLTRE12 varies from private yacht owners, to brokers and charter companies with a fleet of sailing- and motorboats. Their extensive net-work of maritime professionals practically categorises OLTRE12 as a full-service maritime bureau.


In Spain Guiral Náutica is one of the chief specialists specialised in the registration and management of pleasure crafts, whether privately or commercially owned. Guiral Náutica is an important pillars in the Guiral Group, offering the administrative management of vehicles and labour-, tax-, accounting- and legal services.

Owner and driving force behind Guiral Náutica, is Cristina Pauli. She has more than 20 years of experience under her belt and is without doubt one of the most experienced professionals in Spain with regard to the Spanish ships registrar and boating in Spain.


It all started with registering pleasure crafts in Belgium, and years later Pavilhão Belga developed into a service provider that offers more ships registrars to their clients.

The company is managed by the long-time professional and economists Rui Matos. Pavilhão Belga is one of the major specialist that primarily services private boat owner with a residence in Portugal.