Dutch sail number

You can identify a sailing yacht by its name on the aft or bow of the boat, or if it has one, by its sail number.


Sailnumbers are a common, if not compulsory, form of identification when competing in regatta’s. Identifying a cluster of boats all heading of for a glorious victory would otherwise be an impossible task.


In most cases when a boat owner applies for an International Certificate Pleasure craft (ICP) or register for the Certificate Registry the yacht does not have a sail number. Or if they do the sailnumber is issued by the national association in the country were the boat owners resides and were the boat is harboured, being elsewhere than in the Netherlands.


Sail numbers & regatta’s

Very often organisers of national regatta’s will have no objection against participants sailing under the Dutch flag with a sailnumber issued, for example, in France. However, the national origin of the flag and sail number not corresponding could possible raise some eyebrows when competing in international regatta’s.


Secondly you might ask yourself is it visually appealing when the national origin of the sail number of your yacht does not match that of the flag?


Probably not, and especially not because the costs of getting a unique sail number are far less of an investment than buying the latest Helly Hansen sailing gear!


What is needed?

The procedure to obtain a Dutch sailnumber is fairly straightforward. Some basic ownership- and boat-details is all that is required.  Once we have applied for the sail number on your behalf, it takes under normal circumstance five working for the issued sail number to arrive.



Our sail number services

As yacht managers we apply for the sail number on behalf of the client.