When it comes to the sale of a yacht, jet ski or whatever type of please craft between two private people, it is apparent that a sound sales contract is of importance.


Yes, there are more than enough basic sales contracts for yachts circulating the internet, but we noticed that very often essentials are missing in these purchase contracts for boats.


When purchasing a boat, the excitement of owning her, trying her out on the waters and caressing her like a true loved one, is in most cases a common emotional occupation that keeps one busy and not whether the kitchen utensils should be listed in the sales contract of the yacht.


Essentials that are overseen in the many examples we came across online are matters such as what governing law will be used in case of a dispute? Is the vessel to be inspected before delivery and if so by who and who will bear the costs. Who is to arrange the Certificate of Withdrawal, in case the new owner decides to register it else ware. Etc. etc. etc.


For those of us that do not have a law degree, we translated, amended and fine-tuned an existing sales contract for yachts that was developed by the ANWB many years ago and which is no longer available online.


The sales contract for yachts, in PDF format, can be freely used for the purpose it is meant for. Or pick and choose (copy/paste) those paragraphs you find useful for your own agreement.